Monkeying around with cakes

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
It's amazing what you can find on the internet. It's even more amazing how creative a person can be when it comes to cake.

Here is one I found without a description on how it was made but it looks like a round cake was iced and covered with chocolate rice crispies. The ears look like oatmeal cookies. Spread a little tinted frosting on(tinted with a little of the syrup I am about to mention) and you could probably use chocolate syrup for the mouth and eyes. Viola! C'est le Monkey! Tres cute, no? Great project for when the kids want to "help".

Here is another cutie I found, using Google Image Search, that looks super simple to do. This looks like a 10 inch round and 3, 6 inch rounds cut up to make the ears, eyes and bananas. Excellent! I love it.
Check out this brilliant idea I found on flicker. The baker used Banana Runts candy and molded a monkey from fondant.

Even Martha is getting in on the monkey act with this cake.
Not bad, Martha. Not great but not bad...
Now here is a video I found on YouTube from a great cake artist who documented her progress in her Course I class on video. I love her work and her willingness to share!
Check it out

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