The Right Tool for the Right Job: The $ of Taking Classes

Howdie, Cake Friends!
When I took my cake decorating classes I was unemployed. I bought the student kit the first week and each week I bought more supplies and not everything all at once.
I used what I had at home until I could buy some of the tools that made things easier to work. For example, I didn't buy any special cake decorating colors for a long time because; I had the liquid food coloring that you use to color Easter eggs in my kitchen cabinet. That's what I had so that's what I used. I didn't have a cake pan but I did have a small ceramic oval roasting dish from IKEA and since my instructor used an oval cake to demo with and I thought it was sooooo cute, I used that! I also used dental floss to torte my cakes.
Well, with a little bit of experience you find that the cake decorating colors are better than the liquid food colors because they are concentrated and you aren’t adding extra liquid to your icing which will change the consistency of your icing. A ceramic roaster is fine for roasting chicken but when I baked my cakes they weren’t baked evenly as when you use an aluminum pan. Half of the cake would be golden brown and the other half would be blonde. Now, when you throw some icing on that bad boy no one is going to notice and the cake was never raw batter inside or over done, it just wasn’t cooking evenly. The dental floss method was not a very precise method, to say the least and the $3 I spent on a cake leveler was the best $3 I spent in my life!

The point is, all the tools available are great to have but the job can be done without them until you decide you have had enough of doing things the hard way! Tools make things easier; the right tools for the right job can save your sanity!

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Crazy About Cakes said...

I love your blog! I took all of the Wilton courses last year, without even knowing how to frost a cake when I started. They really helped me a lot. I will forever be grateful to my Wilton instructors. I will be checking back on your blog!