Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake Class

Once a year I offer a special project class in November, the week before the Thanksgiving Holiday. I call it a Cornucopia but is also know as a Horn of Plenty.

In this class we use a cupcake or a muffin as the base to create the horn shaped basket that holds the overflowing bounty of the fall harvest. I teach students how to make all the fruits and veg with buttercream icing. I love this project and I have made a number of these over the years.

It's a little old fashioned looking but that's exactly what I like about it!

I am offering the class on Sunday, November 22nd from 12:30 to 2:30 pm. That's just in time to serve for your Thanksgiving dessert.

Here is the supply list needed for the class, maybe I will see you there!

Supplies needed for Cornucopia Cake Project Class

- 1 large cupcake or muffin

- 1 10 inch round caked, iced and ready to decorate (optional)

- 2 Recipes decorating icing (recipe on previous page)

· Icing colored and separated as follows:

- ¼ cup of Red(tomatoes)

- ¾ cup of white(cauliflower)

- 1 ½ cups green (Cabbage, cauliflower, etc.)

- ¾ cup orange(carrots)

- ¾ cup golden yellow(corn)

- 2 cups Ivory

- Wax paper

- #7 flower nail

- Decorating turntable (optional but very useful)

- a tablespoon of cornstarch

- Cake Sparkles, white (optional but highly recommended)

- Small angled spatula and Flower lifter (or food safe scissors)

- Bath Towel and Paper towels

- Gallon size zip-lock bag

- Scotch tape

- A Show n Serve board or cake plate

- Small serrated knife

- Large disposable plastic cups

- You will need the following tips in the quantities listed:

- #21, #104, #233, #103, (3) #5, #349, #7, #14

- Additional tips if we have time for extra’s, #2 or #3

- Advanced preparation is important, please bring bags of icing filled and marked as follows:

- Clear disposable bag or 12 inch re-useable bag with ivory colored icing and tip #21

- 2 clear disposable bags each fitted w/a coupler with green icing

· one bag marked “green, tip #104 and tip #103

· one bag marked “green, tip #7, tip #14 and tip #349

- Clear disposable bag “yellow, tip #233” (or tip 3 if you cannot find #233)

- Clear disposable bags or 8 inch re-useable bags filled and marked as follows:

- Red, tip #5

- White, tip #5

- Orange, tip #5

Decorating icing (double batch recipe)

- 4 tablespoons water, milk or cream

- 2 teaspoon Wilton clear vanilla extract

- 2 teaspoon Wilton clear butter extract

- 2 teaspoon Wilton clear almond extract

- pinch of salt (optional) let salt dissolve with liquids before adding next ingredient

- 2 cup solid vegetable shortening

· Cream liquid and shortening on low speed until combined

- 2 lb. Sifted confectioner's sugar mixed with 6 tablespoons Wilton meringue powder

· Cover mixer with a kitchen towel and blend on low/medium speed with creamed shortening until fully combined, do not over mix.

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Cornelia W said...

Looks pretty amazing - you should do more with your blog!
It was fun crafting with you on Saturday, xoxo, Cornelia